2016: Leap Of Faith || A Year In Review

  Hey guys!

*Disclaimer: I don't know why I never had the guts to post this. Some things just take time :-)

I sat down for my first Coffey Break Chat in a while to share highlights from 2016 and my wild ride of a transition to New York last fall. 2016 was filled with the craziest highs and lows, but now that it's all said and done, I couldn't be more thankful for that beautiful beast of a journey and the story I have to tell.

A friend of mine, Val, moved to DC two and half years ago and her kick-butt attitude and vulnerability to share the reality of it all served as such a big inspiration for me to finally take the leap and move. Join me below for the full rundown of 2016. Like never before, I'm fully convinced that anything is possible with God's grace and favor. Trust Him to make a way. Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoy!

Peace, Love, & Sunshine

Xoxo -Chels

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