Travel Diaries || Day 2: Centro Habana a La Playa


Hey guys!

Day two came of our trip came out of the gate SWINGING. It's New Year's Day. We completely overslept. The driver was set to pick us up at 12PM to take us to our next Airbnb, and we felt guilty about knowing that there was no way we'd be ready in time. Nonetheless, we jumped into action as fast as we could. The temperature had dropped a bit and it was a little cloudy out, we were too excited about our next stop to let it get the best of us.

Old Havana.png

Just a little background, our first Airbnb, was located in Old Havana. It literally boasted everything I could have dreamed of for the classic Cuban experience I had been dreaming of. A terrace. Sky high ceilings. Beautiful floors. And to my surprise, an eclectic assortment of plants I'd never even seen before (Staghorn Ferns for example for any of my fellow plant lovers haha)

It was just such a great way to bring in the New Year together. Our next home, or so we thought, was another Airbnb nearby, but before we knew it we were in the car getting whisked away to Centro Habana.

Centro Habana.png

There was a little confusion with our accommodations. What originally felt like a detour from our perfect vacay ended up being a blessing in disguise. We got to know our hosts better (relationships are everything when you're traveling abroad, had an evening of quality time with the sweetest family next door who took us in like their own as we tried to make arrangements for the next day, and walked away with the realization of the beautiful balance between gratitude and committing to the vision. 

I feel like we have a choice at any point in time to fix things. Maybe it's your attitude. Maybe it's the course of how your day is going. Maybe it's what you see when you look around you. Maybe it's the discipline to patiently accept that sometimes the only immediate fix has less to do with you and more to do with how God is going to you use you on the detour to be a blessing to someone else.

That day taught me to embrace my "it's never too late mentality", trust my gut even in times when it feels like it might be too late to act, and make the most of it all in the meantime.

Planning avfv  trip to Cuba sometime soon? Stay tuned for my recap video at the end of the series!

Photo journal below!

* Film photos courtesy of my bebé, Warren Creavalle.


Xoxo -Chels