Travel Diaries || Day 3: Hostal Las Maletas + Old Havana Walking Tour


Hey guys!

Thanks for stopping by for day 3 of our Cuban adventure! Whether you've been following along since day 1 of #lahabanaweek or you're just coming across the site now, I'm happy to have you here!

Day 3 is what I affectionately call "The Turnaround" of our trip. It was the halfway point. We were back in Habana Vieja staying at a breathtakingly beautiful hostal. We took a walking tour of Old Havana. Dinner was SO GOOD that night, and the city had come alive in seemingly the blink of an eye now that New Years was over.

After two days of feeling like a ghost town, the businesses opened back up. People flooded the streets to return to their regular daily activities. It was an entirely new experience. 

Hostal Las Maletas was our 3rd stop together before we were supposed to part ways. Little did I know that God had other plans for me...We'll get to that tomorrow haha

Below you'll find a lovely photo journal shot on two different film cameras by my sweet babe *As well as a few snapshots by me on my cameras ;-)

Next up: Day 4! Our city tour in a classic Chevrolet convertible. It was absolutely magical and arguably the most magical part of our entire trip.

Til then! Enjoy!

Xoxo -Chels