19 Affirmations For Good Health


19 Affirmations For Good Health:

In this moment, I clear any negative thoughts. Regardless of what I feel I will speak life and blessings into this body of mine. Father please give me the strength to believe the words coming out of my mouth with faith beyond reason.

1. My body is whole.

2. My body is sound.

3. From the top of my head to the bottom of my feet everything is working properly and functioning as it should.

4. Any attack on me physically and/or to my health will not prosper.

5. I am a bearer of love, light, and happiness.

6. I protect the energy around me.

7. I have the discipline to manage the energy I put out.

8. I find joy in even the smallest things.

9. My mind is healthy, strong, and sound.

10. I trust my Heavenly Father to work on the health of my body in ways that only He can. 

11. I am getting better day by day mentally, spiritually, and physically.

12. I am in tune with my body.

13. I will not overlook red flags regarding the state of my health.

14. Whether it is mental or physical I commit to putting my health first and I promise myself to get help when I need it.

18. My body is a temple. I commit to being thoughtful with what I put in it. How I treat it. Who I allow to have access to it. And what I allow myself to tell myself.

19. I will live and long and happy life because peace flows through my mind body and soul

*If sick/struggling with any health related issues

20. I am healed

21. I will not be ashamed of my condition. I will let my loved ones know so that they can stand with me and uplift me in prayer.

22. I will commit to a vision of my life, body, and health that reflects a whole, happy, healthy person

23. The report of the doctor can change

24. In this moment God is reworking me from within

25. I believe that He can work a miracle, and  I trust Him to see me through

26. I am restored and better than ever

27. I commit to a positive mindset

28. I speak life into each and every situation

29. I am who God says I am. I am here for a reason and a purpose. I will trust Him in all things

30. I have a peace that surpasses all understanding


Big or small, health scares are the worst and the best all at once. On the one side it can be terrifying to receive a bad report or notice an issue with your body, but on the other side I see it as an opportunity for God to blow us away with an amazing praise report. 

Ive seen that time after time it was someone’s committment to the vision of having a praise report coupled with prayer has created so many breakthroughs both mentally and physically. 

As I sit here wondering about a few things of my own that have gotten too much of my attention lately, I just want to encourage you to trust that God is in control. That He can heal your body regardless of what the doctor or doctors may be saying is the problem. He can turn that illness around, that condition around, that injury around and make you whole. They key is faith. A blind faith that it can and will happen.

Below youll find a link to a list of 30 bible verses to help beat worry and anxiety and speak life into your health. Trust our Heavenly Father. The best is yet to come!  

Xoxo -Chels