38 Affirmations To Speak Life Into Your Career/Business/Idea/Vision


38 Affirmations to speak life into your career/business/idea/vision:

Let’s take a few seconds to clear our thoughts of any distractions.  Breathe in the good. Breathe out the bad. (Repeat x3)

1. I have a vision for my life. 

2. I am attracting everything I need to build a life and business I’ll love 

3.  The best is yet to come

4. My ideas are true, authentic, and uniquely special to me 

5. I’ve been gifted with clarity of thought and purpose 

6. Anything that tries to prevent me from accomplishing my goals and reaching my targets will not prosper

7. My dreams are valid

8. I am equipped with everything I need to see them come to fruition 

9. I excel in each and every thing I’m working towards 

10. Success comes to me naturally 

11. I have what it takes to surpass even my wildest dreams 

12. I am thankful for each and every talent I’ve been gifted 

13. Fear and low self-esteem have no place in my heart or mind 

14. There are endless opportunities for me, and I have the God-given clarity and confidence to know which ones will serve me best

15. I am surrounded by supportive people who believe in me and speak life into me and my vision

16. I have all the resources I need 

17. I am open new ways to achieve success 

18. I am focused

19. I am organized

20. I manage my time well

21. I love what a do, and I end each day knowing that I am pursuing my calling and fulfilling my purpose 

22. My ambitions are in perfect flow with my values, and I do not compromise the things or the ones I love most 

23. I trust that my Heavenly Father is ordering my steps

24. There is a solution for every problem. 

25. Creating solutions comes easily and naturally to me

26. I always expect a positive outcome. 

27. I speak positivity into every situation 

28. Abundance of every good thing is overflowing in my life. 

29. I am stress free, and I thrive under pressure

30. I am committed to making the world a better place by staying true to my calling

31. I am thankful for the wealth I am building and the financial windfall making its way towards me

32. I am love and light

33. My customers come to me for a product/experience specifically related to my unique talents and gifting

34. I not only create new God-given opportunities but I have what it takes to retain them and manage them with excellence. 

35. I am one of a kind. 

36. I embrace the journey

37. I am resilient

38. I am living wildest dreams. 

Ever had dreamer burnout? I’ve found myself in a bit of a rut for some time now... Making plans, God having different plans 😩🙈😂

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m an ideas person, it’s the execution when life gets in the way that always seems to trip me up.

In this pocket I’ve found some comfort in choosing to let go and let God. The catch is that the feeling of letting go is freeing at first and then if/when too much time passes it seems as if everything has come to a standstill and prayers aren’t being answered.

What I love about affirmations is that they serve as a buffer. We speak those things that aren’t as if they were because it’s an exercise in trusting the things unseen.

Today I’m committed to getting centered, organized, and doing an energy reset. What are you believing for today? Feel free to leave a ❤️ for prayer. We’re stronger together. Xoxo - Chels 💋