25 Affirmations To Cultivate A Life of Fulfillment


25 Affirmations To Cultivate A Life of Fulfillment


Before we get started, I want to take a second to celebrate someone who’s not only opened doors and created space for me but for others in the wellness space. Azalia Lawrence, founder of @blackandwell, is not only the prime example of #blackgirlmagic, but she also walks the talk when it comes good vibes, women supporting women, just all the good things 💕 Seriously haha  She recently launched the first edition of Black and Well Mag, and I had the honor of contributing a set of affirmations on fulfillment (below).


We can think of a million and one cringeworthy things about social media but there’s denying how beautiful the power of connection is or the role this space has in creating communities and relationships that are so special.


If you haven’t yet, visit @blackandwell to learn more. It’s chock full of good stuff ✨


Sappy tribute aside haha Let’s begin? ☺️ Take a minute to clear any negative thoughts/energy.


Breathe in the good. Picture the best version of yourself. Happy. Whole. Loved. Fulfilling your dreams. Living your purpose. Thriving in the fullness of everything that God has for you.


Breathe out the bad. Release anything holding you back. Negative self-talk. Grudges. Insecurities. Comparisons. Lack of discipline. Perfectionism. Unhealthy environments. Unhealthy relationships. Sigh it all away.


Let’s begin:

1. Right now, in this moment, I embrace all that is mine. 

2.I welcome each and every thing that is meant for me: every talent, gift, opportunity, connection, and blessing. 

3. I am walking in the fullness of my destiny.

4. I am building a life I love.

5. I am tapped into my calling. 

6. I am fulfilling my purpose. 

7. I have clarity on the vision I have for my life.

8. I am disciplined. 

9. I use my time wisely. 

10. From this day forward, I commit to doubt my doubts and believe my beliefs.

11. I exercise faith over fear.

12. I operate from a place of compassion, thoughtfulness, and understanding.  

13. I release anything toxic in my life: people, places, habits, relationships... 

14. I surround myself with the best of the best. People who love me, support me, and see the best in me when I can’t see it for myself. 

15. I am love and light and a beacon of hope. 

16. I build up those around me, and I handle myself with care. 

17. I am confident. 

18. I am smart. 

19. I am beautiful. 

20. I am loved 

21. I am healthy: mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally. 

22. My mind and body are whole, sound, and I am at peace. 

23. I choose joy. 

24. I celebrate the wins big and small. 

25. I am living my best life


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