25 Affirmations To Get Specific, Go Big, And Ask For What You Want


25 Affirmations To Get Specific, Go Big, And Ask For What You Want:

1. I trust my gut and the vision I have for my life.

2. My life is a reflection of each and every thing that I am believing for

3. I am not driven by fear, and I will not make decisions based on what if’s and/or fear of the unknown

4. I am chasing my dreams with relentless ambition

5. I refuse to settle for anything less than the vision I have for my life

6. I have clarity on my goals

7. I am specific about what I am believing for

8. I will get the ____ I’ve been believing for within the next 6 months

9. I will be making _____ within the next 6 months

10. I will be living in ______ within the next 6 months

11. I will have _____ within the next 6 months

12. My family will be _____ within the next 6 months

13. I will be ____ within the next 6 months

14. My bills are paid. My debts are retired. I have sufficiency in all things.

15. I doubt my doubts and trust the vision

16. I speak life, hope, and faith into each and every thing I’m believing for

17. I have a blind faith that God can and will bless the desires of my heart

18. I evict and will continue to reject any negative thought that attempts to reside in my heart and mind

19. I embrace all that God has for me without fear or apprehension or doubt

20. The very things I’m believing for are already mine.

21. I am committed to designing a life I will love.

22. I see it, and because I can see it, I choose to believe it and build.

23. I have appreciation for what is and an appreciation for the things to come.

24. The words I speak are creating the life of my dreams.

25. I have an overflow of favor and abundance. I know that God is going to blow me away.


You know guys, I spent this first half of this year suppressing a very important part of me. The part of me that’s very specific, knows what I like, don’t like etc. to help transition.


For the second half of this year, I’m getting specific and leaning into the things, people, places, and experiences that make my heart swoon. I’m my best when I’m energized, so it’s time to recommit to that.


What’s the thing that puts a battery in your back? Here’s to getting centered and doing more of what we love, unapologetically 💫 Xoxo -Chels 💋