22 Affirmations for Forgiveness


22 Affirmations for Forgiveness:

Breathe in the good. Breathe out the bad. Take captive any painful or negative thoughts and evict them one by one. They are not welcome in your mind, body, or soul.


Breathe in the good. Breathe out the bad.


Lord in this moment, I pray that you would prepare my heart. That you would prepare my mind. And most importantly that you would position me to move forward with a renewed disposition and outlook on the things needing forgiveness in my life.


1. I am a bearer of light.

2. Negative energy is not welcome here

3. I take ownership over my actions and emotions

5. I forgive myself for past shortcomings, missed opportunities, and times when I should have forgiven but I didn’t. 

4. As I forgive myself it becomes easier for me to forgive others

5. I am released from the pain of the past

6. I have a new hope for tomorrow

7. I will uplift those who have hurt me in prayer and reset my intentions towards them by sending them positive energy

8. I will not punish people in my present for past offenses

9. I am the curator of my story and not a prisoner to the past

10. I am able to move on

11. I am choosing to accept my past and learn from it

12. I have inner peace

13. I forgive anyone who I perceive to have done me wrong.

14. I bless and release anything, anyone, and any situation that’s holding me back from living in perfect flow.

15. I take responsibility for any negative patterns or behaviors that contribute to conflict in my life

16. I am healed from the hurt of my past

17. I declare a fresh star over my life

18. I fiercely protect the energy around me

19. I don’t need someone else’s acceptance, apology, or response to forgive them

20. My Heavenly Father is reworking my heart soul and mind so that I am able to live my best life

21. I allow myself to be forgiven

22. Today I commit to giving forgiveness the time it needs to blossom within me


Today’s affirmations are a nighttime edition for a reason. Sometimes I find myself in a space where something has been weighing on me that I know I need to leave behind with the day.


I’m finding that forgiveness in particular is more of a practice than a one time act.


So when I find that my heart is heavy, or that my mind is carrying too many things, I try to switch it up to leave the worries of the day behind.


I don’t know who you may need to forgive. It might be a family member, your partner, yourself even, just know that you don’t have to be stuck. It feels that way some times. You can reach out or you can forgive on your own. Most importantly, you can give it to God. How awesome it is that we aren’t in this thing alone.


Renew your mind. Renew your heart. Trust the process. Xoxo -Chels 💋


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