23 Affirmations For A Breakthrough For A Family Member


23 Affirmations For A Breakthrough For A Family Member:


Lord I come to you lifting up your son/ daughter __________.

Thank you for their life. Thank you for the work you have done, will do, and are doing right now in and through them. Guide my heart and thoughts and decisions. My trust is built on the faith of what could be not what I see.


Breathe in the good. Breathe out the bad.

Envision the best possible circumstances for your loved one. Picture them happy, successful, full of joy, surrounded by love, living their purpose, and free of any strongholds that could try to prevent them from breaking past whatever it is holding them down. (Repeat x 3)


*This part is especially important because it is critical that we envision a version of the world where this person is their best self. Where we redefine the pain of what it looks like in reality and see them with new eyes.


When someone is struggling one of the first things they lose is hope, which is often followed by fear of judgment, shame, and an overall feeling of unworthiness. Sometimes our role is simply to believe the best for them, speak life into them, and stand in the gap cheering them on when they can’t see it for themselves.


Let’s begin.

1. I am compassionate

2. I am patient

3. I see the best in ____.

4. I speak life into their future

5. I believe they are here for a reason and a purpose

6. I rebuke anything holding them back from their calling/purpose

7. I know that the best is yet to come for _____

8. _____ is free from _____

9. _____ is filled with beautiful hopes and dreams of what could be

10. ______ is compassionate with him/herself

11. ______ sees a future that bright, promising, attainable, and sustainable

12. ______ heart is filled with love and positivity

13. ______ attracts an abundance of every good thing the Lord has for him/her

14. _____ is not held down by his/her current circumstances or the pain of his/her past

15. ______ is free mentally, spiritually, emotionally

16. ______ is surround by people who love him/her. Want the best for him/her. Are committed to the journey. And challenge ____ to do whatever it takes to make it to the breakthrough

17. The best is yet to come for ____

_____ is blessed and highly favored

18. Lord we praise you in advance. Thank you for giving me the eyes to see ____ as you see them. For the ability to believe in them. And for the resilience to root for them without losing myself in this along the way.

19. My mind is sound.

20. My heart is whole.

21. I practice self-care

22. I am hopeful, intentional, covered, and most importantly, at peace.

23. ____ breakthrough is on it’s way.

Sometimes life throws things at us that are completely beyond our control. I call them the movements that freeze you in time. Ironically, sometimes it’s good things and sometimes it’s bad things.

When it comes to family, it’s always more complex. You can pray, and try, and believe, and hope, but if and when the answer is not yet, it’s especially important to not only protect our mental and emotional health but speak life into the situation beyond the reality of the natural eye.

Leave a ❤️ if you’re believing for a breakthrough for a family member. We’re stronger together. Prayer works. Faith is real. God knows our hearts. He sees our pain. Trust Him to make a way. Xoxo -Chels 💋

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