​17 Affirmations To Love The Skin You’re In


17 Affirmations To Love The Skin You’re In:

Before we get started, let’s identify at least one thing that is your favorite thing about you. It could be your hair. Your laugh. The shape of your brows you name it.

Now ask yourself what it is you love about it. Is it the thing you get complimented on the most? Does it make you think of a connection to a loved one? Is it something that makes you feel more like “you” or less like “you”?

Our society has a funny way of telling us what’s desireable and what is beautiful. For a lot of people, myself included, it takes intentionality to define your own beauty standards and avoid the trap of only feeling validated when we check off the “right” boxes.

When I first started my nonprofit, Mia’s Closet, years ago I was thinking specifically of this, and my desire for each kid to have someone listen to them, tell them that they’re smart, they’re beautiful, and that they can do whatever it is they’re dreaming of. The same applies to us.

It comes down to belief and understanding of our purpose. My definition of the “skin we’re in” is more than just the outside: our tones, hair, physical dimensions, etc. It’s our total package: our circumstances, our perception of our opportunities, and the options available to us in this life.

There’s a gift in embracing all of it. Whether you’re getting older and seeing your body change, or feel you’ve missed out on doing the things you love, it’s not too late to say today’s the day, and it starts with how we speak to ourselves. Our thoughts plant this little seed in our hearts to see our best selves. To rewrite any negative narrative and say, “No, I am...”.

Let’s begin.

Close your eyes. Picture yourself happy, whole, confident and strong. Look over yourself from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Choose to speak kindly to yourself as you reach the places that you dislike or maybe make you feel less than. Find appreciation in them. Express gratitude for being designed just the way your are.

1. I see the beauty in my design.

2. I am thankful for the gifts and talents and qualities, and features that make me me.

3. I am in tune with my purpose and calling.

4. I am an inspiration.

5. I am confident.

6. I like what I see when I look in the mirror.

7. My most favorite asset is my ______. It was uniquely designed just for me.

8. I love the way my ______.

9. I love the _______.

10. I am thankful for the ______.

11. I am not a puppet. I will not critique myself based on society’s standard of beauty and success.

12. I will honor the vision I have for my life.

13. I commit to carving my own lane. I will see it through.

14. I see myself the way God sees me. Beautiful, complete, and whole.

15. Goodness radiates from within me.

16. I love on those around me. I uplift those who need uplifting. I am a cool breeze on a warm sunny day. I am a beacon of hope encouragement, and I set a positive example to those around me.

17. I love the skin I’m in.

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