the body: a home for love


Hey guys!

This past Sunday, we hit the road to NYC to love on two of my favorite people, Unique James and Deun Ivory. Deun currently has an incredible touring exhibit, the body: a home for love.

Its New York stop was a 3-day touring restorative pop up art exhibition and storytelling series for sexually traumatized survivors of color.

We were able to get some much needed quality time in and reflect on a topic that people aren’t always comfortable discussing.

Creating safe spaces for women to share their stories and experiences is a crucial part of healing. Salute to you Deun for honoring your calling, helping share their stories, and as you put it:

“Unpack the details of their traumatic experiences, dismantle the belief that women are responsible for these acts of sexual violence and share the healing journey of how they’re reclaiming their narrative and their bodies as a home for love.”

You can learn more about this initiative here in Deun’s interview with Chante Dyson for Black Girl In Om, and see the exhibit for yourself in one of the next upcoming cities: LA, Chicago, New Orleans, and Houston.

Sappy Sidenote: It’s days like this where I couldn’t be more thankful for opportunities to connect with the people I love. The last month has been a build a life you love marathon. You know what your soul needs. It’s on us to do what we gotta to do to make sure our heart’s are full.

Xoxo- Chels

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