27 Affirmations To Attract + Manifest The Opportunities You’re Believing For


Time to get aligned ✨🙏🏿💫 // 27 Affirmations To Attract + Manifest The Opportunities You’re Believing For:

Clear your mind // Breathe in the good. (Push your imagination to envision things working out better than you could have hoped and dreamed.)

Breathe out the bad. (Anything weighing on you, stressing you out, feelings of anxiety, doubt, etc. They are not welcome in this space. Relax and sigh them all away.)

(Repeat x3)

1. I am simply the younger version of the manifestation of the grandest vision I have for my life

2. I already have everything within me that I need to succeed

3. I make wise decisions

4. I pray for guidance and direction

5. I welcome new opportunities

6. I am proactive about creating new opportunities

7. I am on right the path

8. I attract the life, love, and career I’ve been hoping for

9. I will not let fear dictate my decision making

10. Regardless of what things look like from the outside, I trust that today marks a new season and that my blessings are making their way towards me.

11. My faith is in God —He’s going to blow me away.

12. I have a spirit of boldness

13. I am willing to take risks

14. My Heavenly Father is my guide, my agent, and my advocate

15. Doubt has no place here

16. My heart and mind are filled with positivity and hope for the future

17. I am not defined by my past

18. I have a peace that surpasses all understanding and my current circumstances.

19. I am confident about what I want and what I don’t want.

20. I know my value. I know my worth.

21. I am able to articulate my strengths and speak from a place of expertise.

22. Every day, I get closer and closer to the ________ I’m believing for.

23. I operate from a place of gratitude for what is and humbly welcome progress, abundance, growth, and increase.

24. I have favor with God and people

25. I attract an abundance of every good thing.

26. All things are working together for my good and in my favor.

27. My breakthrough is on its way!


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