23 Affirmations For Self-Love


23 Affirmations For Self-Love:

Sometimes life throws us a curveball, and we get down on ourselves. This is how I bounce back.

1. Lord wrap me in your arms. Surround me with your peace, calm, and serenity.

Close your eyes. Breathe in the good. Breathe out the bad. (Repeat x3)

2. My journey is blessed

3. I am here for a reason, and I am blessed and highly favored. A path has been thoughtfully prepared just for me.

4. I speak to myself with kindness

5. I take captive any negative thoughts that try to weigh me down

6. I dismiss any insecurities that may try to make me feel less than

7. With confidence, I speak success into the vision I have for my life

8. My heart overflows with joy, gratitude, and appreciation for all I have

9. I am surrounded by love

10. I am genuine, authentic, and a reflection of my truest self

11. I do not compare. I celebrate my gifts and talents, my wins big and small, and the success of others.

12. I look forward to the fruition and realization of my dreams coming true

13. I am confident in my ability to build a life I love

14. I am intentional about the people I have in my life. People who love me. Like me. Cheer me on. Support me.Want the best for me. As I do the same for them.

15. I operate from a place of humility and compassion

16. I like who I see when I look in the mirror

17. I embrace the beauty of me, inside and out

18. I am clear of my purpose19. I am clear of my calling 20. I commit to trusting the process day in and day out

21. I am patient with myself, my growth, my aspirations, and my execution. I commit to reminding myself of all the things I have to be proud of and thankful for whenever I start to get down on myself.

22. I am my biggest cheerleader. I surround myself with the best. I am intentional. I am chosen.

23. I have an abundance of every good thing pouring into my life. I am prepared. I am ready. I work hard. I do not give up. I embrace the journey.

Today is my 32nd birthday. Yesterday morning I shot up super early, and the first thing I thought was, you’re a failure 😳 It was the craziest thing/feeling.

I’d been sick for over a week, and it completely knocked me out of commission. I’ve always had this thing about coming into each new year of my life really strong. Like really, really strong. Blazing through my goals, and in a week+ of being useless I felt completely derailed. It’s so interesting how a week ago I was on top of the world with all this exciting news and just a week later I was doing affirmations at 5:30 in the morning to bounce back 😂

Yes, I’m a little dramatic, but in that moment it felt so real. It’s imperative to have auto-responses put in place to protect us when the enemy tries to sneak in and make us feel less than. The second a negative thought tries to creep in —rebuke it. Dismiss it. Literally cast it out. We are our first line of defense. Speak life into your vision. Speak life into your dreams. Our words and thoughts create our world and our reality.

Treat yourself with patience, compassion, and kindness. It allows us to process from a place of grace and it gives us the emotional bandwidth we need to feel motivated to pick ourselves back up, and hit the ground running again. Hope this speaks to someone today. Lord knows I needed it. Now, it’s time to celebrate! 🎉💃🏾✨☺️ Xoxo -Chels 💋

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