21 Affirmations To Bounce Back From Engaging With Difficult People


21 Affirmations to Bounce Back From Engaging With Difficult People:

At some point, there’s a coworker, client, friend, family member, or even a random person who appears in your life who seems to have no goal other than to wear you out mentally and emotionally.


Difficult people can threaten the quality of time spent with loved ones, ability to focus on work, your productivity, the list goes on... It’s especially important to be able to recognize how we respond to these situations as they unfold so that we can prevent negative experiences from derailing our day.  Let’s begin.


Breathe in the good. Picture the stress melting away. Everything is running smoothly and in perfect harmony. You’re carefree and at ease.

Breathe out the bad. Picture the person or thing that is causing frustration in your life at this moment and sigh it all away. (Repeat x3)


1. My thoughts are clear

2. My heart is pure

3. I offer the best version of myself, even when I am frustrated, because that is my personal standard

4. I am surrounded by peace and serenity

5. No attack spiritually, mentally, or emotionally will prosper

6. I am calm, cool, and collected

7. I am committed to the boundaries I have set

8. I have control over how I react

9. My mind is not a slave to the stress this person or thing is bringing to my life

10. I treat everyone with respect, even when it is challenging to do so

11.  I am committed to finding something positive to focus on, even in negative situations

12. I am solution oriented

13. I have a peace that surpasses any of my frustrations

14. I am proactive about managing the energy around me

15. I am committed to self-care

16. I step away and recharge when necessary

17. I have complete faith that my Heavenly Father is working on my behalf

18. I am not lost in the mess of what has happened. I see the big picture. I know that this is temporary.

19. This person, this situation will not derail my day

20. I am productive, I accomplish my tasks, and I am diligent with my time

21. I am a beacon of love and light. I bring out the best in others. From here on out, today will be a good day


Hope this is helpful. Lord knows I needed it haha Xoxo -Chels 💋