17 Affirmations To Combat The Spirit Of Fear


17 Affirmations To Combat The Spirit Of Fear: Before we get started, let’s clear our minds.

Breathe in the good (visualize good things, the life you want, your vision for your life)

Breathe out the bad the things you fear most, the things that make you feel anxious, that keep you up at night. See all these things leaving your mind, body, and spirit.

(Repeat x3)


1. I am not driven by a spirit of fear

2. I am a vessel of peace and serenity.

3. There is no room in my heart, soul, or mind for negative thought.

4. I am a bearer of light

5. Fear has no power over me

6. I trust the process

7. I intentionally seek out clarity and pray for direction

8. I speak life into my future, my family, my relationships, my dreams, my goals, and the vision I have for my life

9. I commit to speaking life into the things I fear most

10. I commit to rebuking the spirit of fear

11. I accept the things outside of my control. I release the past. My future is blessed. I commit to being present

12. Fear does not run my life. Fear does not run my decision making

13. I am blessed and highly favored

14. I embrace my journey

15. I am confident and content

16. I commit to seeking peace regardless of what I am feeling

17. I trust the path that God has laid out before me

The spirit of fear tries to cripple us. It will attack our minds, our emotions, and even our physical health if not managed. The older I get, the more intentional I am about my spiritual, physical, and mental health.

In a conversation this week, a friend of mine helped me reset by reminding me of how important it is to anchor myself in the present whenever I start feeling overwhelmed.

Looking into the past can cause feelings of sadness, and looking into the future can cause feelings of anxiety.

Fear will trick you into forgetting to stop and trust God with ordering your steps.

I hope that some of these will come to mind the next time you’re feeling anxious or unsure, or simply overwhelmed. Fear is a natural emotion, a good thing even in certain situations, but the key is recognizing when it it’s protecting you and when it’s holding you back.

Happy Tuesday guys! Hope today’s a great one! Xoxo -Chels 💗