If You Love Something, Let It Go


A little over a year and a half ago, I packed up the silver bullet, the biggest suitcase I have haha, and took off for New York City to find a job. I didn't know what to expect or if it would work out, but I trusted that it would, and here I am after all this time celebrating God's faithfulness through this season.

The story told far less often, however, is that my move to NY, in one way or another, was me running away from a dream and vision I felt either no longer served me or that I had somehow misread. 

I started my nonprofit, Mia's Closet, almost 7 years ago, and after our 5th year anniversary I sat back and said to myself, this isn't working. Not because people didn't believe in the vision of the organization or the work that we do, but simply because after a year or so of trying to figure out how to build the business side of the organization, I was struggling financially, stressed out, and drained in every sense of the word. 

In my perfect world, all my projects are synchronized and run like a well-oiled machine. I can seamlessly run a nonprofit, have my online store, The Coffey Shop, work with clients, and share it all through The Coffey Break. One would simply flow into the next, and I would be able to live and continue to build a life that meets my free-spirited (dire) need for flexibility in my schedule, creative outlets, and desire to create one of a kind experiences for kids from underserved communities. 

The only thing is that you have to eat haha And pay your bills. And save? And spend quality time with your loved ones. And all those things require cash money. So I made the mature, responsible, adult decision to move to NY. It was time to move on from this daydream of mine because I felt that it simply couldn't support me. It was time to take life by the horns and pursue other opportunities!

In retrospect, I see it so clear. I was running. 

I hadn't figured it out how to fully support myself from the things I loved most, so I ran as fast as I could to the one last thing on my list. Something that I knew would be hard. That I would possibly fail at. But if it worked out, man if it worked out... New York City. 

The game plan: Get a job. Get a place. Fight the cold weather (that's still an uphill battle). Don't let the city spit you out. 

Fast forward to a month and a half into my move and I get a call from Stage Stores that Mia's Closet been has been nominated alongside 3 of the biggest nonprofits in the Houston for a partnership competition. 

As I read the email, I laughed to myself and thought, man, that would have been so awesome. Politely expressed that I lived in NY now, and thanks so much, however, we were on a hiatus with no foreseeable plans to start back up. 

I had totally checked out on Mia's Closet, and I felt like this was my first test of how committed I was to this new life of mine.

There's this expression that's always put a twinkle in my eye, and somewhere along the way, I adopted it as a mantra --If you love something, let it go. 

The catch is that a calling doesn't have limitations, or boundaries, or any sense of courtesy now that I think about it haha Even if you try to shut it out, it still calls, regardless of where you are, because it's something meant just for you. --Especially if you've been praying for God to give you clarity. 

So there I was, simultaneously starting a new job and entering into a competition to have resources like we never could have even imagined for Mia's Closet.

Long story short, that teeny tiny glimmer, that little twinkle, my willingness to try again was the seed to the grant we just received in partnership with Stage! 

Our first grant --EVER-- to support the work we'd been doing for the last 7 years.

If you took a mix of calling, and purpose, and vision and put it all together in one big burrito, you'd get me skipping through across the beach nearing sunset with my happy self and that burrito haha

It's just the coolest, most awe-inspiring feeling to look back and see how everything came together.

I say this all-the-time, and I will never stop saying it, what's meant for you is yours.  Just because we can't see it in the natural doesn't mean that God isn't working it out in your favor. TRUST HIM. Pray for clarity. Believe that the best is yet to come. Trust your gut. Trust your vision. If you feel like you're forcing it, don't be afraid to walk away. 

When we pray for God to order our steps, it requires almost a new level of faith. It's the equivalent of moving from the driver seat to the passenger side or letting someone guide you blindfolded. That's faith. That's betting on you, not because of your faith in your ability but trusting Him enough to know that even our best still falls short of what He has in store for us. 

If you don't take anything else away from this post, let it be this, His way is best. 

Yesterday, we had our very first event, since we received the grant, and it is quite possibly the best event we've ever had to date. Start to finish. The entire process, seamless. The execution, clean as a whistle. Our team A-1.

I don't even know if I could have thought that yesterday was a possibility until I saw it for myself.

Whatever it is that you've been working towards or believing for. The vision that you have. There's a possibility that you may look up one day and want to throw up your hands and walk away. I would offer this simply based on experience, it doesn't make you a failure if you've given it your all and decide to let it go. 

Sometimes the blessing is built directly into our willingness to let go and let God.

I hope this encourages someone today! I could have used this a couple of years ago haha

Happy Sunday you guys! 

Xoxo -Chels


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