22 Affirmations To Manifest A Breakthrough


22 Affirmations To Manifest A Breakthrough:

First things first, let’s calm the mind to get centered and focused. Breathe in the good. Breathe out the bad. (Repeat x3)

1. I am blessed and highly favored.

2. I am more than enough.

3. I am equipped to pursue even my wildest dreams.

4. My vision is valid.

5. My path is clear.

6. Regardless of what things look like in my life right now, I trust that God is a God of breakthroughs

7. My breakthrough is on its way

8. I will have an incredible testimony

9. I will inspire others to pursue their dreams and passions with my story

10. I am on a path to financial abundance

11. I am in perfect health

12. My relationships are flourishing

13. I have the Midas touch

14. My bills are paid

15. My debts are retired

16. I have sufficiency in all things

17. It may not seem like it in the natural, but I trust that my Heavenly Father hears my prayers, and knows my heart, and each and every thing I’m believing for is already done. It’s mine.

18. I celebrate my giftings

19. I trust my gut

20. I am here for a reason

21. I am walking in my truth

22. I am fulfilling my purpose.

The hardest part about chasing the vision you have for your life is making it through the days that try to do everything they can to get you to give in and give up. I can’t tell you guys how many times I’ve literally collapsed on my bed in exasperation asking the Lord for a breakthrough. Moral of the story? He delivers each and every time. I can’t say this enough. Speak Those Things you need/want in your life — out loud. Our words create our worlds. Hope today’s a great one! Xoxo -Chels 💋