16 Affirmations to Combat Feelings of Loneliness


16 Affirmations to Combat Feelings of Loneliness:

Before we get started let’s do a reset emotionally to find our center.

Breathe in the good. Breathe out the bad. Repeat x3

Father God, in the name of Jesus, I dismiss anything trying to distract me from this moment as I lay my heart before you.
Lord I pray that you will see my pain, wipe away my tears, see the desires of my heart, and surround me with a sense of love and security that only you can provide.

I breathe in happiness, security, sound relationships, and love. I breathe out insecurity, discord, disappointments, unhealthy relationships, and unmet expectations.

I breathe in forgiveness, patience, vulnerability, and generosity. I breathe out grudges, hard feelings, or shortcomings preventing me from connection.

1. I am a child of God.

2. I know my worth.

3. I am blessed and highly favored.

4. I am valuable.

5. My time is valuable.

6. I attract relationships that build me up.

7. I attract relationships that add value to my life and vice versa.

8. I attract people who have a genuine love for me.

9. I am on the path to finding my community.

10. I have the truest friends

11. My friend group is not forced. My relationships are not forced. My community is being developed authentically and organically.

12. Loneliness isn’t a final destination.

13. I am intentional about building a life I love. 

14. I trust the process.

15. My future is filled with laughter and good times and beautiful memories to be made.

16. I have abundance of all good things.


Now, close your eyes. Take 15 seconds to visualize yourself happy. Really truly happy. Having the best time. You’re surrounded by loved ones and friends that have become family. Really explore the fullness of what that looks like. Breathe it all in. Let yourself smile because this is the future that you are building for yourself.

Everything starts in the mind —good or bad. So whatever it is that we are envisioning we are manifesting in our lives.

Loneliness is an especially complex topic because you can be surrounded by people and still feel loneliness.

The goal is to attract relationships that reflect the types of relationships we genuinely seek. Not just relationship for the sake of relationship.

Whether this desire is coming from wanting to be in a romantic relationship, or living in a new city, a crazy work schedule, or the realization that your current relationships no longer serve you, it’s such a blessing to be able to look up and say this stops here.

From here on out I am believing and speaking nothing but the best into my life.

I know this was a long one, but interestingly enough, loneliness and feelings of disconnect are one of the most common conversations I’m having.

I’ve experienced it myself in different seasons of my life, and I know without a doubt that prayer paired with intentionally goes a long way, and you’ll look up one day blown away to see that once again He’s granted your petition and blessed you beyond belief.

I hope this encourages someone today. Whether it’s you going through a season of loneliness and/or someone you know. Be sure to pass this a long and save it for yourself. We have to speak those things until we see the realization of what we’re believing for.

Xoxo -Chels