21 Affirmations For Financial Stability & Abundance



21 Affirmations For Financial Stability & Abundance: Before we get started, let’s clear our minds a bit.

Breathe in the good (visualize good things, the life you want, your vision for your life) Breathe out the bad (see the things that make you anxious, keep you up at night, anything you feel might be holding you back leaving your mind, body, and spirit. There’s no room for negative thought this morning.) + (Repeat x3)

1. I have gratitude for all I have

2. I see beauty in others and in the world around me

3. I am blessed to be a blessing

4. I use the resources I have to make a difference in the world in anyway I can

5. I am in control of my emotions

6. I am not intimidated by the reality of my financial situation

7. I speak life into my finances

8. My natural circumstances do not define me or where I’m headed

9. I welcome and attract abundance of all good things

10. I am strategic and intentional about creating opportunities to build wealth

11. My bills are paid. My debts are retired. I have sufficiency in all things. My God is more than enough.

12. Abundance starts with an appreciation of the things I already have.

13. I do not and will not envy the blessings of others

14. I trust my journey to financial abundance because I am already walking in the spirit of abundance.

15. I speak life into my finances

16. I operate out of faith, not fear

17. I am aligned with my purpose and calling

Money comes to me easily and effortlessly

I welcome new sources of income

18. My financial breakthrough is on its way

19. I will not forget where I came from

20. I will operate with compassion

21. My Heavenly Father is going to blow me away

Whatever it is you’re believing for today, hold on to that. Despite everything going on around you, trust the vision you have for your life and believe that you are entering into a new season of opportunity, consistency, and financial abundance.

Happy Tuesday guys! Hope today’s a great one!  

Xoxo -Chels