Confessions of a Plant Mom

 ^Oh how I’d love to bring each and every one of these beauties home! 💕

 ^Oh how I’d love to bring each and every one of these beauties home! 💕

Hey you guys... Maybe it’s just that I’m new to this, but this winter has been especially hard on my plant babies. All of them. The big ones. The small ones. The low maintenance ones... All these little jokers have me out here giving each and every one of them pep talks to hang in there haha

The tricky thing is that this is my first winter with them, so I’m never quite sure if the changes I’m seeing are perfectly normal or signs of something more drastic. The cherry on the top, is that I’m in the midst of a full on war against a very aggressive bunch of fungus gnats (Fungus gnats are teeny tiny little black flies that like to live in the soil of your plants. They moved in and setup shop while I was back home for the holidays.) As for my poor #yuccaplant, Shelia... she’s just besides herself, literally haha

Nonetheless, we’re plugging along as best we can thanks to google searches for days, @houseofplants, @hiltoncarter, and this beautiful instagram community of #urbanjunglebloggers always offering tips and sharing encouraging stories of the good and the bad.

Hopefully with spring on the way things will turn around in no time! Please don’t hesitate to share any tips you’ve picked up for winter plant care! ☺️

Next on my wishlist to add to the fam: a small #monstera, #chinesemoneyplant (#pilea), and maybe even a #spiderplant 😋 *And something with a pop of color? Maybe I’ll look to the pottery for that (as shown above).

I’ve had this picture saved on my phone for the longest. It was one of my earliest plant inspiration/ interior designs saves. If you somehow know the owner behind the photo please don’t hesitate to tag them for photo credit. Happy Sunday guys! Xoxo -Chels 💋🌵✨🌱💫🎋