26 Affirmations for disappointment, unmet expectations, and delayed answers to prayer



26 Affirmations for disappointment, unmet expectations, and delayed answers to prayer:

Close your eyes. Dismiss any distracting thoughts. Anything that didn’t get done yesterday or needs to get done today can wait for now.

Breathe in the good, breathe out the bad. (Repeat x 3)

1. Father God I trust you

2. I trust you in the good times

3. I trust you in the bad times

4. You have blessed me with giftings and talents only I posses.

5. I am working towards my full potential

6. I exercise gratitude over frustration

7. I choose positive thoughts over negative thoughts

8. I surround myself with people who lift me up and encourage me

9. I take captive any feelings of disappointment

10. I will commit to reminding myself of all the times it has all worked out in my favor in the end

11. If it hasn’t worked out yet, it’s not the end (Repeat x2)

12. This is a new season

13. My energy sets the tone of my day, my interactions, and my thoughts, so I am intentional about my mood, my temperament, and the vibes I send out

14. I take ownership in getting clarity on the life I want and the future I see for myself

15. I know what it is I want to attract and it is making its way to me

16. I will not let disappointment prevent me from pushing forward with a positive mindset and outlook

17. I speak life into the things I am believing for until they become a reality

18. Negativity has no place in my heart, soul, or mind

19. I give the hurt, the pain, any feelings of anxiousness, and disappointment to you Lord

20. I trust you with my heart

21. I trust you with my future

22. I am living my best life

23. I trust the process

24. I embrace the journey

25. My story will be an inspiration

26. The best is yet to come

Delayed doesn’t mean denied. It’s not always easy, but I commit to being patient because I know God’s plan will surpass my wildest dreams. Hope this encourages someone today. We all have things that we’re hoping and believing for, and sometimes, the hardest part is holding on when it seems as if nothing you’re doing is working out. Keep ya head up. It’s comin’ Xoxo -Chels 💋