Travel Diaries || 3.24.18



Took the bus from Chinatown to Philly. Suitcase gets stolen out of the trunk of the car. Drove around for half an hour trying to find it — didn’t find it. Drove to DC. 😅45 mins to find an outfit dress/shoes/jewelry/etc. 70th birthday party for Warren’s Auntie Joy (They couldn’t have given her a more fitting name). Quality time w/ @jnladet. Baby fever’ish thanks to @speedspacer + @jvleee. *Didn’t make it to @andpizza 😩 More family time. Car church w/ @yourhopecity thanks to my sweet babe.


And now that it’s all said and done, all that comes to mind is how @mrsjava48 saved the day pre-melty yesterday afternoon.


I had just gotten off the phone with her pretty upset over what happened and she sends me a text reminding me that the devil wants nothing more than to steal our joy —especially when a lot of good things have been happening to us.


How important it is to not let something bad steal our joy or ruin whatever it is we’ve been looking forward to. To pray for them. To speak life into the situation. It’s easier said than done, but man, hearing it makes all the difference.


Halfway to DC, I hit a reset. In some situations, happiness really is a choice. It’s a decision we make to push past the bs and say, no, today’s going to be a good day —I’m going to dismiss all the negative thoughts and choose joy.


Having said that, y’all say a prayer my suitcase pops up untampered, please 😭😩😂 haha It could happen, right? 😋


Happy Sunday you guys. Stay positive regardless of what this week tries to throw at you. This weekend could have been a lot different if I hadn’t ☺️ Xoxo -Chels