17 Seconds is all it takes.



Hey guys! 

I recently came across a video that changed the way I looked at the start of my day, and I want to share it with you all.  

In all honesty, I thought I had a pretty solid morning routine, but this was a game changer. 

In the video, Abraham Hicks describes how the first 17secs of the day can be used to attract the very things you’re looking to see manifest in your life. 

 (*Don’t panic —whenever you remember is fine. The most important thing is uninterrupted positive thoughts and feelings within that 17 second stretch.)

The key to this process is the continuous flow of only positive thoughts, without letting any doubt, disbelief, worry or negativity creep in.  

Amy Crawford does a great job of explaining how it all works here, and you can catch the original video below. 

Hope today’s a great one! happy Monday guys!

Xoxo -Chels