43 Affirmations To Speak Peace And Serenity Into Your Home And Life


43 Affirmations To Speak Peace And Serenity Into Your Home And Life:

Relax your body. Take a deep breath in. Breathe out. Deep breath in. Breathe out.

1. Everything in and around me is in perfect harmony.

2. I am at peace.

3. I am centered.

4. I am thankful to see another day.

5. My mind is clear.

6. I preserve the peace I feel surrounding me by seeking out the good in each and every situation today.

7. I am able to return to place a peace and calm regardless of what the day tries to throw my way.

8. I use kind words.

9. I am patient.

10. I act unselfishly, and I am considerate of the needs of others.

11. My default is one of grace, compassion, and thoughtfulness

12. I am building a life and home of love, peace, and joy.

13. My home is my refuge.

14. My home is my safe place.

15. My home is filled with love and laughter. 16. My home overflows with warmth, and light, and good vibes.

17. Anxiety has no place here.

18. All who come and go experience a feeling of peace and calm.

19. My home is protected by my Heavenly Father from any bad vibes or negative energy.

20. The enemy, negativity, and any form of discord have no place here.

21. Wonderful memories are made in this home.

22. Opportunities abound in this home.

23. Dreams come true in this home.

24. Prayers are answered in this home.

25. I seek joy and happiness and harmony on a daily basis.

*Second half courtesy of Louise Hay 💕

(Read Aloud) I know that harmony and order are present everywhere in the Universe. And I now accept this as true for me in my home. I release all negative thoughts that create chaos or disorder in any way. I release the past. I forgive those who need forgiving. I release all need to punish myself. I am willing to grow up. I forgive myself and start fresh and new in this moment. I declare these affirmations as true for me, and I accept them as so:

26. I release all need to worry.

27. I release all the junk from the past.

28. I live in the present moment.

29. I appreciate myself.

30. I appreciate my life.

31. I appreciate my home.

32. I bless my home with love.

33. I live in peace and harmony.

34. I am peaceful, joyous, and harmonious.

35. I am orderly and neat.

36. It is easy for me to be orderly.

37. My home comes together easily and effortlessly.

38. My home becomes more beautiful every day.

39. I enjoy my beautiful surroundings.

40. It is a pleasure to come home.

41. I have friendly, loving, supportive neighbors.

42. I am always safe and secure.

43. All is well in my home and in my world.

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