21 Affirmations To Build A Life You Love

21 Affirmations To Build A Life You Love:

1. Today is a good today

2. I am carefree, unburdened, and focused on my goals

3. I am wrapped in a cocoon of love and protection

4. I choose to see the good in those around me. Not the bad

5. I rebuke any sprit of offense

6. I rebuke any negative energy or bad vibes that may try to come my way

7. I trust my magic.

8. Nothing is holding me back. Nothing is holding me down

9. I am living my dreams

10. I see the vision I have for my life with clarity

11. I know why I’m here

12. I know my gifts and talents

13. I know I am uniquely special

14. I surround my myself with love and kindness

15. My family is healthy, whole, and thriving

16. My relationships are supportive, encouraging, healthy, chasing their purpose, fulfilled in their work, and living their best life

17. My work is rewarding, I am inspired, and I am motivated

18. I find inspiration in the mundane. I appreciate the little things. I have everything I need.

19. I operate from a place of gratitude

20. I am blessed to be a blessing. I seek out opportunities to help others

21. I am excited for the future. I am thankful for the lessons of the past. I trust that God is doing something incredible with my life, my story, and my journey.


Right now. In this moment. I am living my dreams.

Each day is a new opportunity to say it stops here, to continue to build, or to jump into a fresh new start all together.


Sometimes we fall into pockets where life hits us with something that derails us, and without intention, we look up to find ourselves frozen, or spinning our wheels in place, or even worse, sinking.


Building a life we love has more to do with how we respond in tough times than anything else. It’s a commitment to saying this is the standard, this is the bar. I may fall below it from time to time, but when I recognize that happening, I seek joy. I seek peace. I choose happiness. I get where I need to be to bounce back and keep at it.


We have everything it takes to build a life we love. Trust your gut. Trust the vision. Let that be your very own set of blinders and build.


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