Almost 30! || 70's Glam Dinner Party Style Inspo

Hey guys! Good morning! I have a big birthday coming up on Sunday, and in celebration of leaving my twenties, we'll be kicking down the door of my 30th in full 70's Glam Dinner Party flair!

This isn't your everyday, casual vibe. No. We're dressing up!! In an effort to point my guests in the right direction, I spent a lot of time curating a visual compilation of some of my favorite looks from back then, as well as modern adaptations to share here on the blog.

Anyone who knows me knows that a solid 75% of my style is inspired by this era. The hair, the fashion, the music, the activism, all of it. Totally my stylo...

So! Pick out your afro. If you've got a layered cut, bust out the wings. Center part your hair. Grab that turtleneck and suit. Throw on that jumpsuit/maxi, and most importantly, your fur! Grab that fur collar, vest, coat --your call-- and let's celebrate!

Press. Play.


I want everybody stepping into that thang like this:

or this:


Whichever your stylo haha Check out the 70's Glam search on Pinterest here. Enjoy!

Peace, Love, & Sunshine,

Xoxo, Chels

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