Look of the Day 2.20.17 || New Year. New City. New Site!

Chelsea Coffey Houston NYC

Hey guys! 

It's been a long time coming, but after years of sticking it out with Wordpress, I've decided to make the jump to Squarespace! Come on 2017! haha I'm fully convinced that there is a learning curve with any platform, but got dang... What a process it was to get here! 

Nonetheless, in celebration of my new site, and city (whoo!), I'm kicking things off with bringing back one of my favorite Coffey Break fashion feature's, Look of the Day!

It's amazing the things you take for granted when you don't have to think twice about it, so after months of living out of 1.5 suitcases, I couldn't be more excited about having a little fun with my wardrobe again.

Today's look features a combination of thrifted, vintage, bargain finds, thoughtfully layered in an attempt to stay warm without having to pull out a full-blown coat. And if I might say so myself, it was a TOTAL success! haha Weight distribution is everything, so I started with an under armour'ish top and bottom as a base layer to keep my core warm and then went on to add a turtleneck, cardigan, oversized scarf, light coat, heavy boot and tweed pants to balance out all the top layers. 

Chelsea Coffey Houston Brooklyn

I just moved to Brooklyn from Houston for anyone who's new here, hi! haha, and it sounds corny and cheesy I know, but everywhere I turn seemingly serves as a source of inspiration. I completely underestimated how much the feeling of being settled again would mean to me, and I'm really looking forward to sharing this special time in my life with you guys.

Special thanks to my photographer friend, Josias Diaz, for jumping on board and always being down. 

Spring will be here before I know it, and I never would have thought I would have seen the day where I celebrated the thought of a high of 60 haha Cheers to good times. Hope to have you along for the ride!

Peace, Love, & Sunshine,

Xoxo, Chels


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