10 Minute Guided Meditation || Your Best Self with Biko Gray

“Remember to breathe. It is after all, the secret of life.”― Gregory Maguire

Hi guys!

Today marks our fourth and final installment of The Coffey Break Guided Meditation Series. This video is all about letting go of the past and tapping into our full potential to uncover our best selves.

Just like we need to clean and nourish our bodies every day, we also need to fill our minds and hearts with positive reinforcements of our best selves daily. There are several hindrances that try to keep us from living life to the fullest potential that God has for us: broken relationships, self-doubt, past pains and hurts, life's challenges and circumstances, the list goes on...

What I really appreciate about having a time of prayer, meditation, and devotion is the intentional space it creates for daily renewal. Whether that time is first thing in the morning, before bed, or on a lunch break, taking the time to reset and remind ourselves of who we are, that our lives have a purpose, and that we have the potential to do great things is extremely necessary in a world that constantly bombards us with seemingly more bad than good at times.

I really hope you guys have enjoyed this series. It has been such a blessing to me, and before we close out, I'd like to send an extra special thank you to my dear friend Biko Gray for his role in this project. Your voice was such a gift to this series.

See below for the video to this week's meditation.


Peace, Love, & Sunshine,

Xoxo, Chels