27 Affirmations For Protection Over Your Relationships


27 Affirmations For Protection Over Your Relationships:

Before we get started let’s do a reset to clear our hearts and minds.

Breathe in the good. Breathe out the bad.

(Repeat x 3)

Let’s begin.

1. I am thoughtful.

2. I am caring.

3. I am patient.

4. I am kind.

5. I am open minded. 

6. I am understanding.

7. I see beyond my own opinions, desires, and needs.

8. I make decisions from a place of love and compassion.

9. I do not let my emotions drive my engagement and interactions with others.

10. I am a team player.

11. I am solution-oriented.

12. I attract peaceful loving people.

13. My relationships are a reflection of God’s love and His never-ending patience towards us.

14. There is no place for senseless pride in my relationships.

15. Peace comes naturally between myself and my loved ones.

16. I am a good friend.

17. I have a servant’s heart.

18. I see the needs of others, and I attract those who recognize my needs as well.

19. There is no place for disharmony or discord between myself and my loved ones.

20. I stay in the present and focus on the positive.

21. There’s no place in my heart or mind for negativity.

22. My relationships are only getting better and stronger with time.

23.My heart is full.

24. I overflow with gratitude.

25. Everyday I commit to celebrating my loved ones and each and every blessing with sincerity.

26. I commit to speaking life into those things that aren’t as if they were.

27. I commit to seeking out the good in people, love, joy, and happiness each and every day.

Lord I come to you. Pouring my heart out before you. I entrust my relationships in your care, and I believe that you can and will place a wall of protection around my relationships with the ones I love most. Thank you for your love. Thank you for your grace. Help me to always center my thoughts and ways back to you. Amen.

Whether you have one really good friend or a whole tribe, it’s never something to be taken for granted. The enemy attacks our relationships because he knows that they’re what matters most. Whether you’re entering into a new season or in a groove, it’s so important to stay vigilant and protect the energy around yourself and the ones you love most. Hope this is useful ☺️ Have a great day guys! Xoxo -Chels 💋