30 Affirmations To Trust God Through the Storm


30 Affirmations To Trust God Through the Storm:

1. I am blessed

2. I am highly favored

3. I am loved

4. I am patient

5. I am capable of achieving my goals

6. I trust the process

7. I do not let doubt or fear derail my faith or outlook on life

8. I am committed to believing that the best is yet to come

9. I speak success past my fears

10. Everything I need to achieve my goals is already within me. I trust that. I feel it in my heart and soul and mind.

11. Each day, I move closer to seeing it all come together

12. When I look into the mirror, I see myself as God sees me: His child, a world changer, a person with a purpose, a person with a calling for my life

13. I am not hard on myself

14. I am gentle and loving when it comes to my thoughts and how I speak to myself

15. I do not resent difficulties and challenges

16. The current circumstance is temporary

17. I speak life into my future

18. I speak life into my family

19. I speak health and wellness over my body

20. I speak life into my career

21. I speak life into my business

22. I speak life into my relationship

23. Every area of my life is on the cusp of a breakthrough and dreams realized. A new season. A new beginning. A new chapter overflowing with the promises of my Heavenly Father.

24. God is preparing me for greatness.

25. I am a bearer of light

26. I am living my dream.

27. This is simply a part of my story that I am breaking past.

28. I look forward to celebrating the wins as they come

29. Resilience is my superpower. I speak those things that aren’t until they are.

30. My story is and will be an inspiration to others

The hardest part of any storm is the fight to stay positive. The way we combat storms is with resilience. It’s okay to get knocked down. What matters most is getting back up.

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