Rooted: You Have What It Takes To Build A Life You Love


Last night, we celebrated. My heart’s overflowing with gratitude, and I want to share the reason with you guys because it’s something I would have needed to hear two years ago and even at the beginning of this year.

You may be taking more risks than ever before and feeling more fear than you think you can stand. But actually you’re more secure than when you felt safe because you’re right the middle of God’s plan. - Holley Gerth

To the new faces here, welcome I’m so happy to have you ☺️ And to everyone who’s shown love and supported me through this time I just want to stop to formally say thank you 💓💖☺️

Two years ago, I packed up two suitcases and got on the plane to NYC with no job and like $2 😂🙈

It was a straight grind and extremely stressful, but I had a blind faith that God doesn’t give you a vision you can’t fulfill. In the final hour, I found a job (a remote one that allowed me to work from wherever 😩😭🙏🏿). Got a place. And fell for the love of my life. 6 months later, I got a new place and started an Airbnb business. It was a whirlwind and beautiful and humbling and a full-blown praise report.

Then, the beginning of this year came. My contract with my job ended -right before I left for two trips abroad 😅 Got trapped in Cuba, and Airbnb all but dried up. The first 3 months of this year were more stressful than my entire first year in New York. But I endear towards them looking back because I proved to myself that with the grace of God, His favor, hard work and most importantly, a commitment to the vision, I could do it. I got new clients. Mia’s Closet got a grant! (Still so crazy!! 😝) And once again, I looked up and realized man, you really can build a life you love.

I share all of this because I spent the majority of my 20s guilt tripping myself about not conforming to what I felt looked like being a ‘grown up’, and year after year, I’d look up and think, there’s got to be something better.

Don’t give up. There is. You know if there’s that thing that keeps you up at night. My prayer is simple, Lord synchronize all that is mine. God’s gift to us is the dream, the vision. Our gift to Him is our willingness to fight for it ☺️ Xoxo -Chels ❤️💫🙏🏿

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