15 Minute Guided Morning Meditation with Biko Gray

Hi guys!

Good morning! Today is a big day and not just because it is the first day of our annual fast.

So, here's the deal, back in September, before my life turned into a real-life vacuum haha, I sat down with my dear friend, Biko Gray, to record a Meditation Series for The Coffey Break. Well, the time has finally come! Three mugs of tea, a few really unhealthy meals, and a bag of Sour Brite crawlers later and we have a 4 part guided meditation series that will roll out every Monday over the next 4 weeks!

A little background. I've spent the greater part of the past year and a half rotating four different meditation videos. Each video has had a unique influence on everything from my self-talk to my outlook on money to how I view my future self and the role I play in what that looks like, but I always felt like there was something I wished I could have added. So it finally occurred to me that it's time to create my own. A tweak here and there, new music, new visuals, new voices, new messages, the whole nine.

My mind is always racing a million and one miles a minute, analyzing creating, dreaming haha the list goes on, and meditation is the one thing that actually allows me to slow down just long enough to find my center and more importantly quiet the distractions.

About two years ago, I think, I heard Biko do a breathing exercise in front of a large group at an event. Little did I know that we would go on to become friends, or that he would be on the board of my nonprofit Mia's Closet. All I knew was that in that short time of breathing in the good and out the bad, I literally felt the stress melt away.

So, after a year and a half of listening to my bookmarked meditation videos, it was a no-brainer that it was not only the time for me to create something of my own but bring in someone who I greatly respected.

So! Without further ado! Please see below for the very first installment of The Coffey Break Guided Meditation Series. The footage in the videos is from my personal archive of my most favorite beaches around the country and a cameo, courtesy of my baby sister Madison, of the rock beaches in Nice.

I'll be praying and standing in agreement with each and every one of you guys believing for God to do something incredible in their lives in 2017. Every time I fast, I jot down those specific requests on a sticky note and add it to my circular chalkboard. *If you haven't read the Circle Maker, get it!) Please don't hesitate to leave your prayer request below or DM me.

Please don't hesitate to leave your prayer request below or DM me. It's such a blessing to finally see this project coming to fruition!

Speaking of things coming to fruition, as tough as it is, I kind of love this time of year. It's a great way to do a scan of the world around me, hit the reset in all areas and align my intentions for the year ahead. I always feel a closer connection to God when it's over, and year after year, I've looked back and realized how He has simply blown me away with answered prayer after answered prayer.

Hope today's a great one! Be blessed ❤

Peace, Love, & Sunshine ~Chels