Hello November 

Hello November 🍃💕🍁✨🍂

Photo: Fred Agho
Photo: Fred Agho

Hi guys, I simply can't believe the year is almost over... After a month of getting settled (I have the most amazing adoptive families 😪) It's time refocus and get back on track. 

There's no way to anticipate the curveballs coming for us from day to day. Some come at you so unexpectedly that time completely slows down until you realize you're standing or sitting there, frozen, trying to process whatever just happened. Others require a lightning fast response to handle the situation without time to think or even process anything. 

Regardless of the type of curveball; prayer, my devotional, and time of meditation have been such an essential part of setting the tone going into each day. There's no question whether or not it serves as an anchor when a full-blown storm rolls in, and I notice a distinct difference when I don't have time or make time to find my center at the beginning of the day. 

I always jokingly say this, but being a grown up is hard, really hard and we have protect our minds and hearts as best as we can from the things that come to knock us off our feet. Never underestimate how much of a difference it can make mentallly, emotionally, and spiritually to start each day with intention. 

*And be on the lookout to encourage someone else? We never know what other people are going through and you just might be the very person someone needs to make it through the day. 

Sending so much love y'all's way. Hope it's a great one ❤️ Xoxo -Chels