Why are you stressing? Making the most of Malta

Everyday we come across people. Some we simply pass by. Others we feel drawn to and greet with a smile and a hello. And then there are those that we say to ourselves, "I wonder what they're like. I'm going to get to know them. *Smirk face + painting my nails emoji"

The first time I remember seeing my dear friend, Christopher Ballew, he was running up on stage at Hope City with the  most perfect 70's style wing bangs bouncing majestically (I kid you not) with his every move. The next time I saw him he just so happened to be at a team meeting for church. I walked in, and in my mind I was like, "Ohhhmygash! The guy with the fab hair is here!"

My cornerstone indicator for any potential friendship is whether or not I catch myself with a little smirk on my face from laughing at what the person said. By the time we had our first fall-out laughing sesh I knew it was a done deal. Humor wins me over every. single. time. 

The only thing more beautiful than a funny friend who totally vibes with you, is a friend who encourages you to trust God and helps you grow spiritually. Fun times aside, this awesome friend of mine has been such a constant reminder of God's faithfulness during this time of transition. I recently moved to New York to job search, and boi I tell ya --Let's save that for later... That's a whole other post for another time haha

Anyway, yesterday, he gave me one heck of a pep talk about detours and embracing the journey. One that was so good, I had to share it with you guys. Thank you again Chris for being such a ray of sunshine ❤️ 

See below! Enjoy!

Peace, Love, & Sunshine ~ Chels

Why are you stressing? The Lord has already promised to take care of all of your needs. It's just a matter of being patient, continuing to trust in him, until you walk into that "fullness of time" moment.

For sure! If we have nothing else, we have his promise! 

I was reading in Acts this week about Paul's ship wreck on the island of Malta while he was headed to Rome. They ended up stuck on this island for three months. I know that would cost me a great deal of frustration if that was not a planned stop on my journey.

But through this detour, God use Paul to miraculously heal one of the leaders of those people. Which totally impacted that region. By the end of the three months God has provided for them a boat to continue their journey and all the supplies they would need to finish out their trip to Rome

What if that shipwreck wasn't a detour? What if that was part of gods plan? What if God's vision was bigger than on arriving safely around? What if his vision involved impacting the island of Malta for his kingdom?

More than ever before, I'm receiving revelation that it's not about the destination but about the journey. That's a cliché we use all the time but it's becoming more and more real to me.

When we have a destination mentality, we continue to live our lives and disappointment because with every change, shift and schedule, detour, we see it as an interruption to what we feel is our destination, whether we feel we have arrived there or not.

But, if we truly have a journeyman mentality and look in every situation in search of Jesus and how he wants to use us in that moment to impact his kingdom, then what we used to see as detours actually become exciting opportunities for adventure and encounters with the Lord.

We end up in places, whether because the Lord has led us there or because he has used an attack of the enemy to bring beauty from ashes, that we never dreamed we would be! And we get to do things and be a part of things, miracles! That we never would have imagined or even thought to pray for.

Because the experience on the island of Malta was not just about impacting those people. But because the guards who were holding all the prisoners on that ship Sompong in action and being used by the Lord, it completely altered and changed his experience in Rome. Where he may have been tortured and his prison experience made worse he was allowed to live alone and enjoy some comforts.

One thing is for sure! God has a handle on all of this way better than we ever could! So, take your hands off of it, release it to the Lord, and just trust that he will get you to Rome. 😃

… And enjoy the journey. LOL

-Christopher Ballew