The 5 Love Languages


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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of witnessing a really special exchange. Two of my closest friends happen to be a married couple, and the topic of love languages came up. They proceeded to have a really interesting dialogue going back and forth about their love languages, and more importantly how it plays a role in their relationship. As a single person, it was really fascinating, and one heck of a reminder of how incredibly important communication is. They've been together forever, and they still took the time to thoughtfully discuss their sentiments on expressing themselves through their love language and receiving it -even though they've known their love languages for quite some time.

Speaking of time, here's the irony. I was sitting at home one night with one of my roommates and closest friends, and the topic of love languages came up. She didn't know hers, so I suggested she take the quiz. To my surprise, her love language was words of affirmation. I couldn't believe it. I had incorrectly assumed all this time that it would have been quality of time; which means I had haphazardly been neglecting a part of her makeup I didn't even know to be sensitive to. Now get this, I was telling my parents the story and at that moment it occurred to me that I didn't know theirs either! They both had the same as my roomate, words of affirmation. It was mind blowing.

See the thing about love languages is that whatever love language(s) we have, ties directly into what makes us feel most loved. I know that may sound redundant, but it really is that simple. So whether it's a family member, co-worker, partner or friend I make it a priority to know their love language (*birthday sign, communication style, motivation style, DISC profile... hahaha jk but seriously) because not being in tune with someone can potentially create unnecessary challenges when we're operating relationships without a true understanding of how to thoughtfully connect with the people around us.

Below you'll find the link to The 5 Love Language Quiz. And just FYI, I'm a quality of time, acts of service hybrid. So if we're kickin it, you better be ready to roll your sleeves up haha Hence Mia's Closet, and my awesome friends and family who have so graciously supported the vision every step of the way.


Find out your love language and share this post with your friends and family. It'll knock you off your feet to learn this about yourself and those around you. Enjoy!

Peace, Love & Sunshine ~Chels

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