21 Days

Chelsea Coffey Grateful Heart htx
Chelsea Coffey Grateful Heart htx

Hey guys,

So, for the last 21 days I've been doing a fast. Social media specifically. To some, it might sound ridiculous that this was even something to relinquish in the first place. For others, it's a no-brainer. The first response I got from just about everyone was, "Wait. What?! Isn't that your job?!". *Thankfully, most of my clients right now have me copyrighting. No harm. No foul.

Clarity is the word I like to use of late. Not just because that song got me through a couple of really tough days at the beginning, but simply because there is something to be said about unplugging, disconnecting, and letting go...

Every time a fast comes around, my dad and I butt heads about the style of fast that "counts the most". He's a straight up Daniel Fast (raw vegan diet) kinda guy, and I prefer a customized approach (dropping comfort foods, favorite pastimes, etc.).

I knew that this time around would be the real deal. Like Lord, I need you to move some things in my life in a big way, and having a clear-cut sense of purpose completely changed the way I look at how I fast.

Fasting just to fast doesn't inherently bring us closer to God. What I've realized, is that it has to be about more than just the food for me. When I get busy, I rip and run and sometimes it doesn't even occur to me that I haven't stopped to eat until late in the afternoon. This time, I knew, I just knew, that I was seeking too much to go for another round of dropping fried food. Any intention short of really connecting with God could have easily been disguised as nothing more than a glorified skin cleanse. I needed a shift in my processes. My wiring. A short circuit.

See, I learned that it is a common misuse of the term, short circuit, to connote it with something going wrong, and check this:

In circuit analysis, a short circuit is a connection between two nodes that forces them to be at the same voltage.

That basically sounds like the definition of vibing to me. It's the same thing with fasting. I really struggle with quieting my mind. I have a million and one ideas racing through my head at any point in time, and I knew I needed a way to minimize the distractions, crutches and so on if I wanted to be at the same voltage.

I wanted to increase my times. Together time. Productivity time. Prayer time. Intentional time.

Social media sucks up all my time. It's the truth, and for someone who's so big on boundaries, I had let my perception of culture and work excuse an outright waste of time. What's interesting, is that it takes 21 days to break a habit. The blessing there is that breaking a habit congruently results in developing a new one.

Accomplishment is my motivation style, and few things make me feel more guilty, hence less accomplished, than procrastinating. Social media platforms are sneaky little suckers. I can't tell you guys how many times I reached for apps, that were no longer there, without even thinking twice about it. The beauty is that just as natural as it was to reach for Instagram, Facebook, or whatever, it became just as natural to boomerang back to whatever it was that I was working on before my mind began to wander. That one adjustment added HOURS of productivity to my work week. Hours.

The trick from here on out, is reintegrating social media back into my routine without slipping back into my old ways. All I can say for now, is that it's like that crush that you are totally into, and then some time passes and you look up, and they just don't interest you like they used to. We'll see!

As for now, I'm rebuilding. Everything.

Thanks to my sweet friend, Gabrielle Deculus, who just so happened to be vibing with me all the way from Atlanta during the fast, you'll find 7 tips on how to re(build) a business. Enjoy!

Peace, Love & Sunshine ~Chelsea

brfw chelsea coffey rebuild your business
brfw chelsea coffey rebuild your business