Coffey Break Chat || The thing about approaching 30... and settling...

Hey guys!
I'm pretty pumped. This is my first Coffey Break Chat of 2015! It's funny. I was on the phone with a friend last week telling her about how Cooking with the Coffey's (a cooking spot I do with my little sister for the site) is somewhat of a comic relief after a few years writing and vlogging about being in the storm and that this year, I just wanted to breathe and have fun with The Coffey Break...
The irony, is that I then proceeded to talk to her for about another hour pouring out my heart about everything from career goals to relationships, and realized that I actually have so much to share!
I guess I'm not really wired to suppress my emotions, much less conversations, especially when it comes to the topic of settling. I'm like noooo! Don't do it! haha 
Join me as I share how I've managed to remain dedicated to the vision I have for my future, even when everything is going crazy and those standards seem like more of an ideal than something I could actually be believing for.
The pressure to settle for less than God's best in regard to one thing or another comes in waves for everyone. My current fight is simple: Don't let 30 bully me into making poor choices. *Repeat lol
Peace, love & sunshine ~ Chels