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Hey guys!
Video blogging (vlogging) has actually surpassed writing as my favorite form of blogging. There are several reason why I like it, but it really comes down to the feeling that it is the most authentic capture to reflect my true self. Despite that however, I had quite a few apprehensions about giving it a try because I assumed that most of the vloggers I was watching had teams of production people to help them produce their content. I started researching and realized this was not at all the case! Not only have quite a few successful vloggers shared that they taught themselves how to edit their videos, but they also note that they gained their audience doing the best they could with what they had until they hit it big time!
Nonetheless, after a few videos I began to realize that there is such a wide range of definitions for the term 'small budget'.  So, I wanted to give you guys real life examples of the practices I've put in place to make the most of it until I have the means to take it up a notch! Enjoy!


Recap: Tips for video blogging on a budget:
1. Do your research
2. Plan ahead
3. Be enthusiastic
4. Stage your space
5. Get a tripod
6. Find a beat maker
7. Lighting, lighting, lighting!
8. It's okay to use the video editing software that comes with your computer.
Be sure to see below for a few links that were really helpful with this process.
Peace, Love & Sunshine -Chelsea
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