Coffey Break Chat: Keeping Up With The Joneses

Hey you guys,
So, I've sat down twice now to start recording a Coffey Break Chat about this topic, and after two failed attempts, I came to the realization that there's a pattern when it comes to the content I write about and the content I vlog about. For whatever reason, when it comes to a topic that I'm still mulling over, I sort through the thick of it by spilling it all out in written form, which turned into a very long reflection. So, I just went ahead and recorded the video. The original title for this post was: Benchmarking, Social Media & Self-Doubt, only to realize that what's really going is Keeping Up With The Joneses at its best. To say the least,  it took me stepping completely out of my comfort zone to record this video, but the first step is aknowledging that you have a problem haha And hopefully this will be a source of encouragement and clarity to anyone who can relate :-)
Here goes...
Peace, Love and Sunshine - Chelsea