LOOK OF THE DAY 9.25.2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Let Me See You Move It Shake Cross The Dance Floor

1 Chelsea Coffey LOTD 9.25.13 2 Chelsea Coffey LOTD 9.25.13

My outfits generally channel a vibe of some kind, and I am totally smitten over this fall's hat selection. This look's inspiration is Indiana Jones. My new hat reminded both me and my younger brother/photographer of him, and years of watching his movies with our Dad over the holidays.

3 Chelsea Coffey LOTD 9.25.13 4 Chelsea Coffey LOTD 9.25.13 5 Chelsea Coffey LOTD 9.25.13Inspiration feeds into selecting what to wear, but f nothing else, I know how I want to feel once a look is put together. It may be something I'll chuckle at when looking back in 5 years, but it's all worth it to feel amazing in that moment. I've always joked that I was born in the wrong decade and the 70's are definitely my favorite when it comes to fashion. My song of the day is Cross the Dance Floor by Treasure Fingers in the spirit of all things boogie. Have a great day!

Peace, Love & Sunshine -Chelsea