LOOK OF THE DAY 9.24.2013

Wednesday September 25, 2013

Save The Future

Sometimes the weight of the world seems to weigh a little heavy for my comfort. For whatever reason, the best way for me to shake it is by putting on a fun outfit and a great playlist. This look is a reflection of this. Check out one of my jams below. 2 Chelsea Coffey LOTD 9.24.13 3 Chelsea Coffey LOTD 9.24.13 JPG 4 Chelsea Coffey LOTD 9.24.13 5 Chelsea Coffey LOTD 9.24.13

This is one of my favorite sweatshirts in time. Short of it getting physically destroyed, I plan on hanging on to it forever. Hopefully it's message plants the seed for those who view it to give back, get involved and make a difference.

Looking for an organization to get involved with? Check out my nonprofit Mia's Closet. We'd love to share our story with you!

Peace, Love & Sunshine -Chelsea

Song of the Day: Jay-Z -I Know