As I sit here typing, I think about how my throat was closed so tightly earlier I could barely speak. There’s this terribly familiar sensation that passes over me when I receive bad news. The response always seems to rollout in the same order: shock, a sudden urge to clean and get organized, followed by the blow of the reality of the situation, in which case, my head drops low and the tears begin to flow –so slowly that I can see and hear them falling one by one. Then, I write.God blesses us with people who are simply in our lives to serve a purpose for a time or a season, and then there are people whom you nonchalantly assume will be around forever. They have become part of the family. You envision them at weddings, visits during the holidays, etc. The thought that they would ever be removed from this world prior to old age is simply dismissed in an effort to ward off any negative energy liable to attach itself to such a thought.

Our family has dealt with an unprecedented amount of loss in the last two and half years. Before that, there was a stretch of time that carried on so well, I remember thinking, be grateful for this time. Everyone has to deal with loss. As painful as it is to lose grandparents, there is something so heartbreaking about the loss of a loved one who is young and seemingly has their whole life ahead of them. What’s even more devastating is the reality that just hours ago I was having a casual conversation with that person, jokingly locking them into volunteering at an upcoming Mia’s Closet event. It never could have occurred to me that in less than 24 hours that person would be gone.


I say all this because there are so many people whom we engage with everyday: family members, friends, co-workers, the kid next door -all needing someone to confide in. They may even be carrying an unimaginable weight. Burdened by life’s circumstances, poor decisions or just and overall sense that they have reached a point where they feel unloved and unimportant.

My prayer this day is that God will reveal those suffering to me. That at whatever point when they are in most need of smile, a call, a visit, a hug; I will know to be there. I always use the term vibing. It’s that feeling of having an instinct to reach out to those close to you. To feel their energy, whether good or bad and sense that they are in need of a true friend in that moment.

Life is hectic. We are busy. People are wrapped up in their social lives, ambition, relationships –you name it. All I know is that there are situations I will never understand. Stories that will bear such gravity that for a split second I’ll hurt all over again. And then, I’ll remind myself of this: The past is the past and we are set forth to be a blessing to others. Use these moments as a subtle push to always progress forward and love those around around.

I don’t know what your circumstances may be, but if nothing else, my hope ist that I’ve reached your heart. Let this inspire you to call a loved one. Tell them them how much they mean to you. Finally set a date in stone to get together. Cherish life . Choose to be positive.

Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. Life is the sweetest gift the Lord could have ever given us. It requires a conscious decision to make it count for something.

For anyone who may be going through an unexpected loss of a loved one, visit here and here for words of encouragement.

Peace & Love -Chelsea