Look of the Day 4.7.2013

Hey there! Hope everyone's had a nice weekend. There was a part of me that was starting to feel a little sad about the weather warming up...until it does something like DROP 20 degrees in a hour. Thankfully this beautiful city has trained me to be resilient, and my favorite tribal print scarf came to the rescue to save the day. 


Look of the Day 4.7.2013 Scarf

What I wore:

Hoodie: Marshalls

Jeans: Wish I could remember.

Earrings: Gifted from Paris by our Food Contributor Andrea (Love her!)

Hand/Arm Candy: Forever 21

Shoes: Target

Just FYI, my nonprofit, Mia's Closet had the wonderful opportunity to receive a prom dresses via a donation drive by Saks Fifth Avenue in the Galleria Houston (photos here). The dresses benefited the ladies of Lil Audrey's Safe Place Foundation, and it was such an incredible blessing.  To this day, my senior prom was one of the most special experiences I've had. Everything from selecting the dress to getting my hair done marked an unforgettable memory. Although we've been able to provide the dresses, there are still expenses remaning that could jepeordize the full effect for the girls. Please email us at miasclosethouston@gmail.com if you're interested in sponsoring (shoes, jewelry, purse, mani/pedi, etc.)  a young lady in need. 

Mia's Closet Prom Dress Event


Oh! For any of you who may be wondering, I'm the fashion and social media editor for Houston Style Magazine , as well as the Executive Director and founder of our amazing nonprofit Mia's Closet. I’m a bit of a food, fashion and music junkie. Feel free to follow me on Instagram & Twitter  @chelsea_alexa, Houston Style @stylemagazine, @houstonstyle & Mia's Closet @miascloset, @miascloset_hou.

A strong positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success in life.

Stay Stylin’ & Be Blessed – Chelsea