My Natural Hair Story

Ironically, my decision to wear my hair naturally wasn't inspired by the recent movement. For me it was very simple, I was driving one day, and this girl was walking along the sidewalk with a friend. As she walked, her hair was effortlessly bouncing along with her. It is difficult to explain, but imagine as if she had run her fingers through her (smooth, but not bone straight) hair, and the hair remained lightly lifted by the air haha...I know, like I said I'll probably never be able to explain it... The point is, I remember it being shoulder length and FULL. I knew for a fact I couldn't remember seeing anyone with hair like that --ever, so I asked my mom how to get that look. She quickly answered, "Oh she' probably natural." Two years later,  I'm that girl! I love ever inch of my full head of hair, as well as the flexibility to wear it in an afro puff, rod curls, blowout fro, pompadour, or whatever the heck mood I'm in.

For me, going natural wasn't a grand declaration to be made, I just wanted my hair to do that bounce thing. I patiently transitioned, and the fact that I wear my hair in cornrows really helped. As much fun as I have styling my hair, it is really important to protect natural hair. I consistently read about the importance of wearing protective styles to maintain  length and healthy condition of the hair. Check out the following link for THE DO’S AND DON’TS OF PROTECTIVE STYLING.