SUCCESS!! Wash, Condition, Blow Dry: Under 2hrs!!

Hi guys! I haven't done a natural hair care maintenance post in a while, so I wanted to share this wonderful experience with you all!

I washed, conditioned, and blow dried my hair for the first time in forever and set a personal record --under 2 hours! It is my fastest time ever, so I want to walk you guys through my exact steps. Hopefully it will be helpful, especially since this is the best process to prevent breakage!

1. I combed out my hair with a wide tooth comb. As I combed it out, I secontioned the hair and  braided it into about  10 plaits.

2. Next, I added shampoo to my scalp and the braids prior to getting in the shower.

3. Once in the shower, I washed my hair while it remained loosely plaited into braids. (Don't braid the braids too too tight or else it may be difficult to get to the scalp!)

4.  After a rinse and another round of shampoo, I added conditioner to my plaits. After letting it sit for the recommended time, I combed out each braid one at a time (conditioner still on) to ensure it was fully detangled --followed by replaiting the braid and moving on to the next one.

5. I then rinsed my hair and wrapped a towel to capture some of the excess water.

6. Then, I lightly sprayed It's a 10 on my hair and Patene's Oil CreamMoisturizer lightly on my scalp.

7. Next, I blow dried each plait individually with a wig brush. Blowing drying it sections at a time was the easiest way to prevent any tangling issues.

In just under two hours I was done!!

I have attached a gallery to this post so you guys can walk through the process with me. Enjoy!