25 Affirmations to Embrace A (New) Season


25 Affirmations to Embrace A (New) Season:

Can I have a heart to heart with you guys? There’s this thing that happens, sometimes, when God answers our prayers.

He blows us away, yes, but I don’t always account for the part of the answer that requires discomfort and/or growth. I literally just see the end goal with stars in my eyes haha And in those moments, when things aren’t quite adding up, I find myself at a crossroads between celebrating His faithfulness and the sobering reality of the not so feel good elements of the blessing.

For me, the hardest part about speaking those things that aren’t as if they were is two-fold:

1. Committing to doing it when it counts (i.e. me yesterday, mid-melty, realizing I should probably drop everything to do a set of affirmations + a meditation and instead put on Netflix 🙈 I know, I know.)

2. The amount of patience and faith that is required while waiting for the manifestation of whatever it is we’re believing for.

If I had to reduce my life mantras down to two sayings they would be: #embracethejourney + #trusttheprocess.

The problem is that it’s easiest to do that when everything’s going your way. This is where the growth part comes in.

I’m genuinely trying to break the cycle of leapfrogging over the parts of this season I dislike. The goal is to find joy despite the disappointments.

Whether you’re in a similar situation as me, living in a new city and trying to adjust to living without all the things you love about home, or at a job you hate, or in a season of singleness waiting for the love of your life, or a breakthrough for a family member, know that I feel you, I’m praying with you, and it’s up to us to make the most of where we are right now.

It’s never too late to stop, hit the reset button, and renew your mind to see the good in where you are.

Before we begin, let’s clear any negative thoughts/energy.

Breathe in the good. Picture the best version of your life. Happy. Whole. Loved. Fulfilling your dreams. Living your purpose. Thriving wherever you are and basking in the fullness of everything that God has for you.

Breathe out the bad. Release anything holding you back. A negative attitude. Grudges. Insecurities. Comparisons. Lack of discipline. Perfectionism. An ungrateful mindset. Unhealthy relationships. Sigh it all away.


Let’s begin:

1. Right now, in this moment, I embrace all that is mine.

2.I welcome each and every thing that is meant for me: every talent, gift, opportunity, connection, and blessing.

3. I am walking in the fullness of my destiny.

4. I am building a life I love.

5. I am tapped into my calling.

6. I am fulfilling my purpose.

7. I have clarity on the vision I have for my life.

8. I am disciplined. 

9. I use my time wisely.

10. From this day forward, I commit to doubt my doubts and believe my beliefs.

11. I exercise faith over fear.

12. I operate from a place of compassion, thoughtfulness, and understanding. 

13. I release anything toxic in my life: people, places, habits, relationships...

14. I surround myself with the best of the best. People who love me, support me, and see the best in me when I can’t see it for myself.

15. I am love and light and a beacon of hope.

16. I build up those around me, and I handle myself with care.

17. I am confident.

18. I am smart.

19. I am beautiful.

20. I am loved

21. I am healthy: mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally.

22. My mind and body are whole, sound, and I am at peace.

23. I choose joy.

24. I celebrate the wins big and small.

25. I am living my best life.

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