40 Affirmations To Kick Down The Door of 2019 And Claim An Abundance Of Every Good Thing This Year


40 Affirmations To Kick Down The Door of 2019 And Claim An Abundance Of Every Good Thing This Year:

Ya know, some years, life shows me exactly what to expect from the year ahead, so I plan accordingly. Other years are more subtle. The kind where it all makes sense at the end. And then there are years like my 2016 —the year of “enough”!

Enough playing it small. Enough settling. Enough playing it safe. Enough with the security blankets. Enough with the excuses. Enough wondering what if? The kind of year where you take life by the horns and claim and declare exactly what you want to get out of that year and go for it!

I’ve spent the last week wondering what this year’s theme would be. Looking/waiting for the sign in every nook and cranny, and then it hit me. I took a survey of all the things I’m believing for, all the dreams, all the praise reports, and in that moment, I realized that this is a year of declarations. A fill in the blank year. To put it simply, 2019 is the year to build a life I love.

The underlying theme for 2016, the subtitle if you will, was ride the wave. So, as much as I planned and prepared, I also built in checkpoints to create flexibility within the plan so that I would be able to break up the tunnel vision and assess what was and wasn’t working. It was also an intentional way of allowing myself to be open to God’s version of the journey ahead.

It’s almost an understatement to say that The Lord blew my mind in 2016. I don’t expect to recreate that year nor would I want to —it was a tough one 😩🙈 But, I recognize the value of carrying that mindset into that year.

Whether you’re transitioning, rebuilding, moving, or feeling stagnant it’s important to have a threshold, a breaking point.  A line at which you say my story doesn’t look exactly how I envisioned it, and I’m committed to changing that. Not staying stuck in that place, but defining what that change or those changes look like and going for it! I know I probably sound like one of those motivational speakers haha but I believe each and every word of what I’m saying here. Our words create our worlds. Our vision is the roadmap. And execution is the key.

Let’s begin.

1. 2019 will be my best year yet.

2. I have a heart full of gratitude for the gift of seeing another year, and I welcome all that God has for me in 2019.

3. I have clarity on my goals and my vision for this year.

4. Lord, synchronize all that is mine. Every idea, dream, gift, and talent.

5. Position me to be a beacon of light and use my gifts to the fullest.

6. Lord, I surrender to you. Take away anything that isn’t meant for me.


7. I have the clarity to know what is for me and what is not.

8. I have the strength to remove anything from my life that isn’t working in my best interests, and I have the discipline to honor those decisions.


9. This year, I commit to being specific.

10. This year I stand on big bold prayers.

11. This year I am intentional about speaking life into myself and the lives of my loved ones.


12. My 2019 is full of healthy, loving relationships.

13.  My 2019 is full of warm, loving communities

14. My 2019 is full of positive vibes, unprecedented favor, and dreams realized.

15. My 2019 is full of breakthroughs in every area trying to hold me down or hold me back

16. I have favor like never before over my life

17. I attract God-given opportunities uniquely designed just for me.

18. I attract an abundance of every good thing God has for me

19. I am blessed

20. My family is blessed

21. My relationships are blessed

22. My love life is blessed

23. My career is blessed

24. My finances are blessed

25. I am healthy, whole, and blossoming  mentally, spiritually, and emotionally

26. I am self-confident and self-aware

27. I am dedicated to building a life a love this year

28. This year, I am not making excuses.

29. I set smart boundaries.

30. I use my time wisely.

31. I do the “hard things” with a cheerful attitude and a gracious heart

32. I operate from a place of compassion and understanding.

33. I am love and light. I add value to any environment I’m in and a joy to be around.

34. 2019 is all about God’s best. There is no place for settling or making excuses this year.

35. I am intentional about consistently seeking God first in all things and building from there.

36. I rebuke anxiety, depression, mental health issues, fear, low-self esteem, bad vibes, negative energy, and anything else that may try to get in the way of me living my best life this year.

37. This year, I simplify.

38. I am at peace.

39. I am surrounded by love.

40. This year I am building a life I love.

Believing for something big this year? 🙋🏾‍♀️ Me too 😋 Lets stand together in agreement? Leave a ❤️ below, and be sure to subscribe! Xoxo -Chels 💋


*Sappy sidenote. This photo is from the day that Warren asked my parents for their blessing at the beach. It was such a simple, fun day, and my heart melts every time I see it ☺️ Life is sweetest together, surrounded by love, soaking in the little things. So thankful to be on this beautiful journey with my people.