The Things We Learn In Love


When we first fall in love, we only see a fraction of the things to come. We lean into the feel good things and glaze over the uncomfortable ones until one day, we reach the sobering reality that past the stars in our eyes are two perfectly imperfect people building the life of their dreams together... Then comes the awareness of the work that it takes to achieve that. The dedication. The patience. The selflessness. Forgiveness, and most of all, commitment.
Whether or not we realize it, the tough times are just as valuable as the good times. They stretch us. They empower us. They reinforce the beauty of saying again and again, I choose you. Until the end of time, I’ll always choose you. That has been the single most valuable lesson over these last two years. The shift in mentality that this is the team, we’re a mini family, and regardless of what’s happening around us, we are committed to protecting and nurturing this beautiful thing we’ve got going.
Maddy sent me this pic really early this morning. So early we were still waiting on our cars to go back home. The photos began to pour in, and like a flood, I felt every bit of how much I’ve cherished these few years of doing life with you @malik_lebeau. Thank you for setting the standard of how to be there for each other in such an effortless way. You make the easy things better and the hard things easier. I love you, Warren Creavalle. Happy anniversary baby!! 2019 is about to!

Chelsea CoffeyComment