21 Affirmations To Trust Your Gut, Your Value, And Know Your Worth


21 Affirmations To Trust Your Gut, Your Value, And Know Your Worth:

Let’s take a minute to clear any negative thoughts/energy.

Breathe in the good. Picture the best version of yourself. Happy. Whole. Loved. Fulfilling your dreams. Living your purpose. Thriving in the fullness of everything that God has for you.

Breathe out the bad. Release anything holding you back. Negative self-talk. Grudges. Insecurities. Comparisons. Lack of discipline. Perfectionism. Unhealthy environments. Unhealthy relationships. Sigh it all away.

Let’s begin:

1. I am blessed and highly favored.

2. Every good thing comes from God. My gifts. My talents. The vision I have for my life.

3. I chase this vision with relentless pursuit. I believe in myself. I believe in the vision I have for my life.

4. I make a difference in the lives of others.

5. I am committed to using my gifts for good.

6. I am here on this earth to make a difference.

7. My life means something.

8. My time is valuable.

9. I do not sell myself short.

10. I am blessed to be a blessing.

11. I am committed to knowing my worth and that I am worthy of building a life I love.

12. I am intentional about who I connect with and who I am connected to.

13. My cup runneth over. My bills are paid. My debts are retired. Financial abundance comes to me naturally and easily. I attract the opportunities meant just for me. I am finically stable. I am building generational wealth. I have sufficiency in all things.


14. I fight for joy. I fight for peace and peace of mind.

15. I operate from a place of compassion.

16. I establish boundaries.

17. I do all things with a spirit of excellence.

18. I evaluate and refine my life so that I invest my time in the areas that matter most.

19. I am thoughtful of my surroundings.

20. I am surrounded by people who love me, push me, encourage me, support me, and see the best in me especially when I can’t see it for myself.

21. My life is my greatest gift. I make the most of it. Lord synchronize all that you have for me. Help me to manifest the fullness of the talents you’ve given me. I am yours. I know my worth. 

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