21 Affirmations To Break Free Of Past Hurt

Photo: Warren Creavalle

Photo: Warren Creavalle

21 Affirmations To Break Free Of Past Hurt:

Relax the body. Release any tension and anxiety. Picture yourself in the place where you feel most at ease and at peace.
Breathe in the good. Breathe out the bad. (Repeat x 3)
Let’s begin.

1. Right now, in this moment, I release each and every thing that is attempting to weigh me down
2. I am surrounded by an overflowing sense of warmth, peace, and happiness
3. My spirit is renewed
4. My mind is set free
5. I am not defined by my past pain and hurts
6. I forgive those who have hurt me
7. I take captive any negative thoughts and memories. They have no place in my heart or mind.
8. I welcome a life filled with an abundance of positive thoughts and good vibes
9. I have control over my thoughts and what I allow myself to focus on
10. I am not held back by the spirit of offense
11. I am compassionate with myself
12. I have patience with myself
13. I am honest with myself
14. I forgive myself for any role I have played in allowing myself stay in this space
15. The vision for my life is free of baggage, grudges, and anything that doesn’t serve me  operating from a place of love and wholeness
16. I am able to love and receive love
17. I am set free because I am able to forgive and move on
18. I do not replay past pain, hurt, or disappointments in my mind
19. I am focused on the present and building a life I love
20. I am excited for the Love God has for me
21. I am worthy of God’s best for my life

Hope this encourages someone today. Mental and emotional baggage are the worst, and more often than not, it’s up to us to be intentional about consistently fighting against the trap of getting hung up on things from the past 💗 *Don’t hesitate to sign up to receive the newsletter if you haven’t already. Xoxo -Chels

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